What can I do if I have been injured?

One of the most unfair public slanders attorneys receive is in the handling of cases for injured parties.

First of all, when someone else’s carelessness, negligence or recklessness harms you, a loved one, or a member of your family, you ought to be able to recover a reasonable and just monetary settlement for the pain and suffering you endured. But it is more than that. Sometimes, you lose out on work, businesses opportunities, vacations, travel, and the normal energies of your life- all because some other person’s negligence compromised you.

Second, our firm does not recover any fees unless you do. This is called a contingency fee .Think about it. Lawyers get ripped for being ambulance chasers, but the victims are often individuals who are hurt, out of work, have damaged vehicles and interrupted lives with diminshed cash flow. So what do lawyers do ? Often, if the case warrants it, attorneys will lay out thousands of dollars in costs to process your claim to insure that you get a just result, proper medical treatment, and a fair shake from the big corporate interests that would look the other way in a heartbeat if they had a chance to do so. At the law firm of Norm Kent, we keep the pressure up so as to preserve your day in court.

Third, we only handle these cases while affiliating and associating with exceptional attorneys whose practice is exclusively in the field of personal injury law . So the professionals you get working your claim are renowned in the field. These attorneys, such as Lawrence M. Flaster, Randy Strauss, & Jeffery Walker have a history of recording numerous verdicts for our clients that have righted wrongs and restored clients to the rightful condition they would have been in had they not been wrongfully injured in the first place.

So when you are injured, the first place to call, after your doctor, after your treatment, is the law offices of Norm Kent. We want you to spend your days healing your body, and our staff can worry about healing your economic loss.

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