What should I know if I have been arrested for a sexual offense?

Any arrest is a traumatic experience for the uninitiated. The process of being handcuffed, transported in a police car, brought to a jail, and then strip searched while you wait for a friend or family member to post a bond is a life-changing episode most members of the gay community will never experience. Those that do want to forget it, but the nightmare haunts you. That’s where the law offices of Norm Kent comes in. We kill nightmares.

Arrests for soliciting prostitution, or engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior compound your problem. They are embarrassing, compromising your relationship with family, friends, and sometimes, lovers. The arresting officers make you feel like a pervert, a social outcast, some deviant threatening the very fabric of society. You know you are not. But there are still cops that will remind you ‘they don’t put up with faggots here’. You feel you have been wronged, but now you have to pay a lawyer to make it right.

The law offices of Norman Elliott Kent have become locally and nationally respected in its effort to combat entrapment by law enforcement agencies who unjustly and unfairly, illegally and immorally, set up and entrap gay men and decent straight citizens. But for the inducements and enticements of the undercover officers, you would not be a defendant . There would be no case because the very behavior you are accused of you would never have engaged in had the offficer not made untoward solicitations to you in the first place. We know that.

Norm Kent’s article: “The Art of Fighting Illegal Arrests of Gay Men” was first published in the Champion, the magazine of the National Academy of Criminal Defense Lawyers in 1998. It has become the legal standard for challenging law enforcement, and it is accessible at this website. If you have become the unfortunate victim of this type of arrest, a consultation with Norm Kent is your first step in setting your life back on course.

Even if you are sure you are guilty, there is still much that can be done for you. You don’t want jail time. You don’t want a criminal record. You don’t want to be adjudicated guilty or have to do probation. You do want a competent lawyer to be at your side to insure that your rights and interests are vigorously protected.

Most accusations involving sexual offenses are misdemeanors, and consequently the fees require a retainer from $2500 to $3000, depending on the venue and number of ultimate counts. Call Norm at 954-763-1900 and discuss your rights today.

We cannot make any promises, because the law in this area is getting tougher. A new state statute makes it so, and courts in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach are insisting on more severe sanctions for lewd behavior in public places. The best thing to do is avoid these self-defeating situations. But if you are reading this, it may be too late. So you need an advocate in your behalf to remind the judges and prosecutors that you are a good person and not what they want to make you out to be. Together, we can do that.

To make an appointment for a consultation concerning your arrest or that of a loved one, please call the office at 763-1900. When someone is locked up, we are available 24 hours a day. You can reach my associate, Russsell Cormican, on his pager at 954-387-0518, or myself at 954-528-2812.

Call the office at 954-763-1900.